Goch - the final objective
Reichswald, 19th February 1945

Goch was planned as the Divisions final objective. The task fell to 153 Brigade. The town was very well fortified with many pill boxes and the river on one side and an antitank ditch covering the other three sides.

15 Scottish Division would clear north of the River Niers to east of Goch and 51 Highland Division the west including the town itself.

Order were given to the Brigade on the 18th February for an attack early on the 19th. The plan was for 5 Black Watch to attack from the northwest, enter the town and take the majority of it up to the main square. 5/7 Gordons would then pass through them and clear to the railway line. 1 Gordons would clear the south end of the town and the major road leading to the south west.

In a preliminary operation 152 Brigade, 2nd Seaforths in fact, made a crossing over the anti tank ditch.

The following two descriptions explain the battle: