Corp. Jack Kidd recalls POW Processing
Thorne, Polland, 1940

Corp. Jack Kidd's POW ID Tags

Corp. Jack Kidd's POW ID Tags

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Corp. Jack Kidd's hand-tapped prisoner of War ID tags. The location of the POW camp is marked on one side as 'Thorn' which is located in Poland


1940 . POW

As you might expect the Germans processed them efficiently. They were taken to Camp 11, where some Norwegian prisoners had soup ready for them, they had metal identity dog-tags made, photographs and fingerprints were taken and occupation noted.

They had their heads shaved and were each given a postcard to send home. The men were put into groups of 25 and were allocated a loaf of bread per five men. They had an excellent system for ensuring that the bread was evenly divided; the man doing the slicing, 4 cms, per slice, took the last piece so it was in his interests to be absolutely accurate when cutting the loaf.