Concluding Operations
Reichswald, 24-27 February 1945

With the capture of Goch it was thought that the Division had completed its part in Operational Veritable, however orders were received to advance south to clear the area south west of Goch and the next lateral road from Weeze heading east which would be the Corps axis. On 24 February the GOC issues orders for the operation.

The operation was completed by 27th February. Prior to this the Division had received the following message of congratulation, written on 23rd February, from General Horrocks, the Corps Commander.

"I have seen the 51st Highland Division fight many battles since I first met them just before ALAMEIN. But I am certain that the Division has never fought better than in the recent offensive into Germany. You breached the enemy's defensive in the initial attack, fought your way through the southern part of the Reichswald, overcame in succession several strong points of the Siegfried Line such as Hekkens, etc., and then finally cleared the southern half of Goch - a key centre in the German defences. You have accomplished everything that you have been asked to do in spite of the number of additional German reserves which have been thrown in on your front. No Division has ever been asked to do more and no Division has ever accomplished more. Well done, the Highland Division."

The next operation would be the Rhine Crossing.