This website was originally commissioned and funded in 2007 by The Highland Division (Ross Bequest) Fund. The Trustees recognised that, in addition to the splendid sculptures and memorials that exist to commemorate the exploits of the Division, there was a pressing requirement to make the Division's history more accessible and, in so doing, they hoped to create a living and educational memorial.

In 2018 the Trustees of The Highland Division (Ross Bequest) Fund arranged for ownership of the website to be handed over to The Museum of The Royal Regiment of Scotland. The official transfer of ownership will take effect as of the 1st January 2019.

The Royal Regiment of Scotland is fiercely proud of a history which extends back to 1633 and it continues to maintain important golden-thread links with its antecedent regiments, many of whom served in the 51st Highland Division. The Regiment very much sees itself as one of the key custodians of the martial history of the military in Scotland and taking on the stewardship of this website through its/our museum is another step in securing the Nation's military heritage for future generations.

The aim of the website will remain unaffected - to capture, present and preserve the glorious history of the Division as a dynamic and enduring memorial.

We are extremely grateful to the many Museums, Regiments, other institutions, and the large number of private individuals who have so generously provided a wealth of information, photographs and documents. We have attempted to credit each individual or organisation alongside content where appropriate (within 'supporting information' etc.) and have included details of our main benefactors on a credits page.

We must also pay tribute to the website designers, whose design and technical advice have been invaluable, and to our historian, Brigadier (Ret'd) C S Grant OBE without whose wealth of knowledge, passion for the subject, and immense hard work we would not be able to bring this site to you.

Thank you for visiting the website of the 51st Highland Division - we hope that you find it a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Site credits

This website was commissioned and funded by the trustees of the Highland Division (Ross Bequest) Fund. Charity reg. in Scotland no. SC002288.

The official website historian is Brigadier (Ret'd) C S Grant OBE.
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