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1. [ pow ]

volunteering - capture
1939 - 1940

From Henry Owens' volunteering in 1939 to his capture at St. Valery in 1940

The B.E.F.

2. [ history ]

The B.E.F.
Jan - Jun 1940

The 51st Highland Division landed in Le Havre in January 1940 as part of the British Expeditionary Force [B.E.F.] On 28th March they were deployed into the defensive line relieving the French 21st Division between Bailleul and Armentiéres...

St. Valéry

3. [ history ]

St. Valéry
June 1940

General Fortune considered all the options, a counter attack, further resistance, retaking the town but against this there was no possibility of evacuation or support, the men were exhausted and virtually out of ammunition, with no artillery ammunition at all. Shortly before 1000hrs on the 12th June General fortune took the most difficult of decisions - to surrender...


4. [ history ]

Jan 1943

The 51st Highland Division moved along the cost with the New Zealand Division and 7th Armoured Division carrying out a flanking attack. Failure to succeed in occupying Tripoli would cause Montgomery to have to fall back...

Wadi Akarit

5. [ history ]

Wadi Akarit
Apr 1943

The battle of Wadi Akarit took place in a narrow coastline strip between the sea and the coastal towns of Gabes and El Hamma. Between these was the Gabes gap. The Wadi Akarit ran across the gap at the coastal end and to the Roumana Ridge inland and to the west. This area was the objective for the 51st Highland Division...


6. [ history ]

13th - 15th July 1943

Details of the action at VIZZINI and FRANCOFONTE, Sicily, 13th - 15th July 1943

Sferro Hills

7. [ history ]

Sferro Hills
Jul/Aug 1943

Description of the Battle for the Sferro Hills, late July - early August 1943


8. [ history ]

Nov 1943 - Jul 1944

The 51st Highland Division landing took place to the west of the Ornnemouth in the 1st Corps area and crossed the River Orne. The operations in the following weeks were some of the worst the Division had experienced...

The Triangle

9. [ history ]

The Triangle
June-July 1944

after initial operations by 5th Black Watch against the area of Douvres, 153 Brigade followed by 152 Brigade crossed the Orne to operated to the east of the Orne and north east of Caen centred on an area known as the Triangle...

10. [ history ]

19th Feb 1945

Goch was planned as the Divisions final objective in Operation Veritable. The task fell to 153 Brigade...

Rhine Crossing<br/>Operation Plunder

11. [ history ]

Rhine Crossing
Operation Plunder
Mar 1945

The Operation to cross the Rhine was to be called Operation Plunder. The Plan for Operation Plunder was to cross on a two corps front with 51st Highland division on the left leading 30 Corps. The Divisional objectives on the other side of the Rhine were Honnepel and Rees.


1. [ extract ]

The Battle of Abbeville
3rd - 6th June 1940

Description of the attack on Abbeville, from 'The Highland Division' by Eric Linklater.

2. [ extract ]

Attack on Abbeville Bridgehead
4th June 1940

Extract relating to the Attack on Abbeville Bridgehead on 4 Jun 1940 from "THE FIGHTING IN THE SAAR AND SOUTH OF THE SOMME" prepared by the Historical Section of the Cabinet.

3. [ account ]

‘D’ Coy 7th Royal Norfolk
Accounts of capture, St. Valery, June 11/12th 1940

Two accounts of ‘D’ Coy 7th Royal Norfolk and their capture at St. Valery June 11th & 12th 1940

4. [ account ]

El Alamein - A Gunner's View
Personal Account By Captain J T Lang

Captain John Lang served with 128th (H) Field Battery RA (TA). He was at El Alamein and this is his personal account.

El Alamein - Colonel John Sym DSO

5. [ account ]

El Alamein - Colonel John Sym DSO
Oct/Nov 42

The following account of the Battle of El Alamein comes from the personal account of Colonel John Sym DSO who was 21C of 2nd Bn Seaforth Highlanders.

6. [ account ]

6th April 1943

An account of the operation to take a ridge called Djebel Roumana at Wadi Akarit on 6th April 1943. This account is taken from "OPERATION SCIPIO - THE 8TH ARMY AT THE BATTLE OF THE WADI AKARIT" by kind permission of the author B. S. Barnes.

7. [ account ]

Sicily - 128th Field Reg. Account
31st July 1943

A description from the History of 128th (Highland) Field Regiment R.A of the BATTLES FOR GERBINI, SFERRO HILLS, CATANIA PLAIN AND BIANCAVILLA.

8. [ op order ]

5th Camerons Op. Order No. 1
Normandy, 17th July 1944

This Operation Order was kindly provided by Mrs TBM Lamb and was signed by her late husband, then Adjutant of 5th Camerons.

9. [ account ]

2nd Seaforth Account of the Reichswald Battles
February 1945

This account was attached to the 2nd Seaforth's War Diary - covers the part taken by the 2nd Battalion in the Operations of February 1945 which resulted in the clearing of the West bank of the Rhine from Nijmegen. (Reichswald)

10. [ op order ]

152 Brigade Op. Order No.12 - OPERATION 'VERITABLE'
Reichswald, 4th February 1945

Operation Order No. 12 (Operation 'Veritable') listed in full - dated 4th February 1945 (Reichswald)

2nd Seaforth War Diary 18/19 Feb 1945

11. [ official doc ]

2nd Seaforth War Diary 18/19 Feb 1945
18/19 Feb 1945

An extract from the 2nd Bn. The Seaforth Highlanders' War Diary covering 18/19 Feb 1945 during the final stages of Operation Veritable and the Attack on Goch.

12. [ account ]

Attack on Goch, 5 Black Watch
Goch, Reichswald, 18th February 1945

John McGregor's account of the attack on Goch (Reichswald) by 5th Black Watch on the 18th February 1945 - taken from "The Spirit of Angus" by John McGregor.

Donaldson Military Cross Citation

13. [ official doc ]

Donaldson Military Cross Citation
Battalion Action - Rees - 23/24 March 1945

Military Cross Citation - A/Captain Andrew Donaldson - REES - 23/24 March 1945. Citation given for his "coolness, courage, and unflinching devotion to duty".

14. [ account ]

152 Brigade - Operation Plunder - Attack on Groin
Late March 1945

152 Brigade Operations during Operation Plunder - the Rhine Crossing - and the attack on Groin

Colonel John Sym DSO

1. [ photo ]

Colonel John Sym DSO
North Africa c. 42/43

Colonel John Sym DSO was 21C of 2nd Bn. Seaforth Highlanders and then Brigade Major of 152 Brigade during El Alamein. His book, "Seaforth Highlanders" by Colonel John Sym (editor) was Published by Gale & Polden Ltd, Aldershot (1962) and can still be obtained from second hand book sites.

Piper MacDonald, Western Desert

2. [ photo ]

Piper MacDonald, Western Desert
Western Desert, 23 September 1942

Caption reads "Piper MacDonald of the Seaforth Highlanders plays to some of the troops who make up the Highland Division while they rest during a march in the Western Desert, 23 September 1942."

Taken by Sgt.Martin 23.9.42.

With kind permission of the IWM.

Diagram of Battle of Wadi Akarit

3. [ photo ]

Diagram of Battle of Wadi Akarit
April 1943

Diagram of the Battle of Wadi Akarit, from "The History of the 51st Highland Division" by J B Salmond

Lieutenant Alan Southworth

4. [ photo ]

Lieutenant Alan Southworth
2nd Seaforth, Sicily, July 1943.

Lieutenant Alan Southworth, I.O. 2nd Seaforth, Sicily July 1943.

The Advance on Hertogenbush

5. [ photo ]

The Advance on Hertogenbush
24th Oct 1944

2nb Seaforth Highlanders, 152 Brigade, advancing in Bren Gun Carriers towards Schijndel, 24th Oct 1944

2nd Seaforth, Reichswald Forest, 11th Feb 1945

6. [ photo ]

2nd Seaforth, Reichswald Forest, 11th Feb 1945
11th Feb 1945

Men of the 2nd Seaforth Highlanders advancing through the Reichswald Forest. In close support of them are flame throwing Churchill Tanks. So far no heavy concrete emplacements have been encountered so the flame throwers have not been in action but they advance with the forward troops so they can be called on for instantaneous action. 152 Brigade. Sgt Silverside 11 February 1945

2nd Seaforth War Diary 18/19 Feb 1945

7. [ photo ]

2nd Seaforth War Diary 18/19 Feb 1945
18/19 Feb 1945,

An extract from the 2nd Bn. The Seaforth Highlanders War Diary covering the 18/19 Feb 1945 during the final stages of Operation Veritable and the Attack on Goch.

Officers B Coy, 2 Seaforth Highlanders

8. [ photo ]

Officers B Coy, 2 Seaforth Highlanders
N. West Europe c. 1944-45

This photograph was received from Allan Macintyre, the son of the late Major Donald Macintyre MC.

The photo captures Officers of B Company, 2 Seaforth Highlanders, thought to have been taken in North West Europe c. 1944-45 by Lt.Col Andrews.

From left to right - Lt. Andrew Donaldson [Ft.William], Major Donald Macintyre MC, Lt George Roark, Captain Charles A Manning [CanLoan Officer, Halifax Nova Scotia].

Donaldson Military Cross Citation

9. [ photo ]

Donaldson Military Cross Citation
Battalion Action - Rees - 23/24 March 1945

Citation Military Cross - A/Captain Andrew Donaldson - Battalion action - REES - 23/24 March 1945.

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Donaldson Military Cross Citation #2

10. [ photo ]

Donaldson Military Cross Citation #2
Battalion Action - Rees - 23/24 March 1945

Citation Military Cross - A/Captain Andrew Donaldson - Battalion action - REES - 23/24 March 1945.

Signed off by B.L. Montgomery

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