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The B.E.F.

1. [ history ]

The B.E.F.
Jan - Jun 1940

The 51st Highland Division landed in Le Havre in January 1940 as part of the British Expeditionary Force [B.E.F.] On 28th March they were deployed into the defensive line relieving the French 21st Division between Bailleul and Armentiéres...

St. Valéry

2. [ history ]

St. Valéry
June 1940

General Fortune considered all the options, a counter attack, further resistance, retaking the town but against this there was no possibility of evacuation or support, the men were exhausted and virtually out of ammunition, with no artillery ammunition at all. Shortly before 1000hrs on the 12th June General fortune took the most difficult of decisions - to surrender...

In Pursuit

3. [ history ]

In Pursuit
Nov 1942 - Jan 1943

After El Alamein the 51st Highland Division were in pursuit of Rommel and the retreating forces from Tubruk to Misurata

The Landing

4. [ history ]

The Landing
10th July 1943

Initial phase of Op. Huskey - the landing at Sicily, 10th July 1943


5. [ history ]

13th - 15th July 1943

Details of the action at VIZZINI and FRANCOFONTE, Sicily, 13th - 15th July 1943

Battle for Gerbini

6. [ history ]

Battle for Gerbini
18th-21st July 1943

The Battle for Gerbini took place between 18 - 21st July 1943.

Sferro Hills

7. [ history ]

Sferro Hills
Jul/Aug 1943

Description of the Battle for the Sferro Hills, late July - early August 1943

After Sferro

8. [ history ]

After Sferro
Aug-Sep 1943

A description of events after the Battle for the Sferro Hills, Aug-Sep 1943


9. [ history ]

Nov 1943 - Jul 1944

The 51st Highland Division landing took place to the west of the Ornnemouth in the 1st Corps area and crossed the River Orne. The operations in the following weeks were some of the worst the Division had experienced...

10. [ history ]

La Roche
10th Jan 1945

With the successful advance of 152 Brigade to Ronchamps the Divisional right flank was secure and all was ready for the assault by 154 Brigade down the Ourthe valley to La Roche.

Subsequent Operations

11. [ history ]

Subsequent Operations
12-15th Jan 1945

By 12th January the 51st Highland Division found that the opposition had become more determined. The reason for this was that the Division now threatened the main German withdrawal route of Champion - Erneuville - Ortho - Filly.


12. [ history ]

10-11 Feb 1945

The town of Hekkens on the southern edge of the Reichswald lay on the important intersection of the Gennep-Cleve and Kessel-Goch roads. It was also on the Siegfried Line and was therefore heavily defended with pill boxes. The town also sat on the proposed corps axis and therefore had to be cleared.

Rhine Crossing<br/>Operation Plunder

13. [ history ]

Rhine Crossing
Operation Plunder
Mar 1945

The Operation to cross the Rhine was to be called Operation Plunder. The Plan for Operation Plunder was to cross on a two corps front with 51st Highland division on the left leading 30 Corps. The Divisional objectives on the other side of the Rhine were Honnepel and Rees.

14. [ memorials ]

Black Watch Corner

Memorial statue of a Black Watch soldier unveiled at Ypres, Belgium, to mark the centenary of the outbreak of WWI in 1914 and the First Battle of Ypres.

Op. Order 149 Instruction

1. [ op order ]

Op. Order 149 Instruction
1/6th Black Watch, Beaumont Hamel, Nov 1916

Instructions relating to Operations Order, issued (12th Nov 1916) for the attack by 1/6th Battalion, Black Watch, at Beaumont Hamel 13th Nov. including the attached Fire Plan time table.

Op. Order Beaumont Hamel

2. [ op order ]

Op. Order Beaumont Hamel
1/6th Black Watch, Beaumont Hamel, 13 Nov 1916

Operations Order for the attack by 1/6th Battalion, The Black Watch, at Beaumont Hamel 13th Nov 1916.

3. [ account ]

Lt. Col. Honeyman, 1st BW Withdraw, St. Valery
24th May to 13th June 1940

Lieutenant Colonel Honeyman's personal account of the withdrawal of 1st Battalion Black Watch from St. Valery. The account spans from the 24th May to 13th June 1940.

4. [ extract ]

Attack on Abbeville Bridgehead
4th June 1940

Extract relating to the Attack on Abbeville Bridgehead on 4 Jun 1940 from "THE FIGHTING IN THE SAAR AND SOUTH OF THE SOMME" prepared by the Historical Section of the Cabinet.

5. [ extract ]

Bradford's Black Watch at St. Valery
Extract from Capt. Bradford's account

An extract from “Escape from Saint Valery-en-Caux - Recounting the Adventures of Captain B C Bradford”. This section describes the retreat towards St. Valery on the 11th/12th June 1940.

6. [ extract ]

El Alamein, The Quiet Gunner
Extract from "The Quiet Gunner At War" by R. Gorle MC RA

Extract from "The Quiet Gunner At War" by R. Gorle MC, of 128 Field Reg. RA, describing the guns at El Alamein

7. [ account ]

7th Argylls at Wadi Akarit
Account of the Battle by Captain Cameron

Description of the The Battle of Wadi Akarit, taken from "The History of the 7th Argylls" by Captain Ian C Cameron

8. [ account ]

154 Brigade - Sicily Landing
Sicily, July 1943

Account of the Sicily landing, July 1943.

9. [ account ]

Gerbini Battle 154 BDE Combs Account
Sicily, 14th August 1943

Account of the action during the Battle of Gerbini between 20/21st July 1943 by Brigadier T Rennie - Brigadier Commander 154 Infantry Brigade. (written 14th August 1943)

10. [ account ]

Op. Totalise, Gordon Highlanders
Gordon Highlanders War Diary, August 1944

Extract from 5th/7th Gordons War Diary, August 1944. Detailing Operation Totalise in Normandy.

11. [ account ]

September 1944

An Account of the attack on Le Havre (September 1944), taken from "History of the 7th Aryglls" by Ian C Cameron.

12. [ account ]

Attack on St. Michels Gestel and Vught
October 1944

Account of the Attack on St. Michels Gestel and Vught - taken from "The History of the 7th Argylls" by Captain Ian C Cameron

13. [ account ]

Capture of Goch, concluding operations
Goch, Reichswald, 20th - 28th Feb 1945

Capture of Goch and concluding stages of Operation Veritable - taken from "The history of the 154 Infantry Brigade in North West Europe". (Goch, Reichswald)

14. [ account ]

154 Brigade - Operation Plunder - Rhine Crossing
March 1945

An account of 154 Brigade's crossing of the Rhine in Operation Plunder, March 1945. This extract is taken from the 154 Brigade History.

15. [ account ]

154 Brigade - Final Brigade Operations
1st - 5th May 1945

154 Brigade account - 1st May 1945 to 5th May 1945.

Op. Order 149 Map

1. [ photo ]

Op. Order 149 Map
Beaumont Hamel, 13th Nov 1916

This photograph shows the reference map of German trench positions and objectives described in Operation Orders No. 149 for the attack by 1/6th Battalion, Black Watch, on Beaumont Hamel, 13 November 1916. The original is held at the Black Watch Museum.

Op. Order Beaumont Hamel

2. [ photo ]

Op. Order Beaumont Hamel
1/6th Black Watch at Beaumont Hamel, Nov 1916

This photograph shows Operation Orders for the attack by 1/6th Battalion, The Black Watch, at Beaumont Hamel on 13 Nov 1916. The original is held within the archives of the Black Watch Museum and is too delicate and worn in places to read easily, however, the text has been retyped and can be read from our WWI > Battle of Ancre history section. A map that accompanied the order can also be viewed there.

Bradford Sketch Map

3. [ photo ]

Bradford Sketch Map
11th June 1940

A sketch map taken from an extract from “Escape from Saint Valery-en- Caux - Recounting the Adventures of Capatin B C Bradford", showing the position of 1st Black Watch on the 11th June 1940.

Diagram of Battle of Wadi Akarit

4. [ photo ]

Diagram of Battle of Wadi Akarit
April 1943

Diagram of the Battle of Wadi Akarit, from "The History of the 51st Highland Division" by J B Salmond

A Buffalo comes ashore, Rhine, 1945

5. [ photo ]

A Buffalo comes ashore, Rhine, 1945
Rhine, March 1945

1st Black Watch, Buffalo comes ashore.

Black Watch Corner Memorial

6. [ photo ]

Black Watch Corner Memorial

A statue of a Black Watch soldier has been unveiled in Belgium to mark the centenary of World War One. The bronze statue, designed by Edinburgh sculptor Alan Herriot, was installed in front of 300 regimental veterans at Black Watch Corner.