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1940 - 1942

After St. Valery, the remainder of the 51st Highland Division joined the 9th Highland Division, a territorial 2nd line duplicate of the 51HD (amongst other smaller Battalions) to form the new 51st (Highland) Infantry Division. This reformed division had the following orders of Battle...


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Major General Rennie's Address
St. Valéry, Sept 1944

Major General Rennie's address at St. Valéry on 3rd September 1944 after the return of the 51st Highland Division to St. Valéry.

Ruins of Feuchy

1. [ photo ]

Ruins of Feuchy
April 1917

The ruins of Feuchy after its capture by 9th (Scottish) Division on the opening day of the Battle of Arras, 9 April 1917.

9th (H) Division Badge

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9th (H) Division Badge

Should Flash of the 9th Highland Division, prior to incorporation into the 51st Highland Division after St. Valéry, 1940.